My heart broke, I had to do what I could to help out.

Terri spoke to the family and convinced them to help humanely trap the cats so she could at least give them a chance.

To their credit, they helped and she was given 40 cats to provide for.

The shelters and rescues were full so Terri brought home all 40 cats home to live in her garage.

Needless to say, you now know why she was reaching out for help.

I love all animals and have never turned away one in need, but I am allergic to cats!

All the cats I have had and still have, are ones that just showed up at my door. Just one day, who knows their story, they just arrive and stay. So, even though I have no idea how to begin to foster a cat, I volunteered.  My intuition tells me I can do this, and it is the right thing to do.

I call Terri and we set it up.

On Saturday night, I picked up Picante. Picante???

Yup, Picante.

“What an odd name for a cat,” I say to my friend, and she replies, “Hey, her brother’s name is Salsa.” I laughed and she says, “It was a long day, we had 40 names to come up with and we were starving.”

Well, Picante, now Josie or Twoey ( she has extra toes) is what I”m calling her ( I am still trying out names any help is welcome). She is adorable and scared to death.

It has been four days and she is finally coming out of her cage and out from under the bed on her own. She purrs loudly and occasionally asks to be pet. I look at her soulful eyes and cannot imagine what it is like for Terri on a day to day basis. What a tremendous job she does for any and all animals within her reach. I am in awe.

Stepping out of your comfort zone can teach you something wonderful. I listened to my heart and my intuition and I reached out.

Do I have any regrets? Not a one. I do have some red itchy hands, but my soul feels good. 

I admit I was angry at humans in general when I first learned of what these animals and many many others go through just to survive. Through no fault of their own, life has done them an injustice, but I am programmed to think better thoughts about people.

I believe in humankind and its ability to come together with pure hearts.

I believe in the possible, in the ability for each one of us to achieve our desires and for us to receive all that the universe has to offer.

I hope the message of this story serves you and you find your own heart can expand when you reach out to help another.