Shifting the energy within your home can be a  great first step towards changing the flow of energy in your life. At times throughout your life you may feel ready to begin a new chapter or move away from something that no longer serves you.

At other times you may just feel the need to stimulate or energize your space.

This happened to me when I was selling my house, everyone said what a beautiful home I had, it was staged well and priced correctly, but no one was making an offer. Although I needed to sell so I could move forward in my life, I was very sad to leave my little house.

I loved it and had designed it myself. I began to think that maybe subconsciously my energy was not shifting away from my home. I know it sounds a little “out there,” but I decided to sage my home and shift the energy.

I wanted the new family to enjoy and love this house as much as I had.

I went through the saging steps below and as crazy as it sounds, I received a call that the following Saturday someone wanted to see the house. I thought okay no problem just another showing, but this was far from that.

They saw the house at 11:30 am and by 2 pm I had a signed contract! They needed to move in within two weeks! The whirlwind began. I’m not suggesting that this type of reaction will happen to you, but it is possible. Give it a try and see what the universe has in store for you.

1. Purchase a white sage bundle or palo santo sticks ( Whole Foods and many other stores carry these). I prefer to just use the palo santo because I enjoy the scent.

Use what serves you best.

Open the doors and windows and begin in the lowest point in your home or the farthest point in each room. Imagine you are guiding the air or energy from within your home and releasing it into the outside.

2. You will need a fireproof plate or bowl to catch the ashes as you walk through your space. Light your sage or palo santo and it should smoke and stay lit but not be a flame.

We do not want a fire. Hold it over the plate as you walk through your space, gently wafting the smoke throughout. ( There should not be enough smoke to set off a smoke detector and do not waft smoke towards them).

3. Set an intention for each room. Say, ” I cleanse this room of all negativity and all of the energy that does not serve the people the people that live here. I welcome new energy and desire a new beginning.” You can personalize this by asking for a release of anxiety, stress, sickness or whatever is the catalyst for you.

At the same time visualize the smoke carrying away or cleansing your space and imagine that there is now new energy and space for positive thoughts and growth.

4. Make sure you waft smoke over yourself, helping to shift your mindset toward positivity.


Please extinguish your sage or palo santo and any ash by immersing in water or soil to make sure it is fully extinguished.